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Kucatè - Beau-tea

Kucatè - Beau-tea

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Each order come with a sample pack of all 3 Kucatè flavours 

Stay Beau-Tea with Kucatè Rose wildflower honey herbs tea. Dried rose petal contains Vitamin E & C which are essential in promoting healthy skin and maintaining a healthy immune function. Chrysanthemums are known for their benefit to cool down the body and reduce signs of aging. A perfect pair indeed. Kucatè is suitable to be consumed & enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Caffeine-free.

Kucatè is suitable for as early as 2 years old or when the children have started drinking sweet drinks then they can consume. Pregnant/Nursing women can consume it too without any worries.

Honey, Rock Sugar, Dried Chrysanthemum, Dried Rose

1 cube for every 250ml of water.

1. Put 1 Kucate cube in the mug/cup
2. Pour 250ml hot water
3. Stir until the cube dissolves

If you want to reduce the sweetness, you can add more water. Serve it hot/cold. Add some ice cubes if you want it to be a cold drink

1 cube = 20 grams,
1 box consists of 20 cubes.
Net Weight per 1 box is abt 500 gm

2 years from the production date

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