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Farah Ridhwan



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Vifoly is made of :

  • Salmon oil extract, 
  • Omega 3 with added DHA. 
  • Dates,
  • Raisins,
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Centella
  • Spirulina.


Vifoly is a berry juice-based supplement.

What's the benefit of Vifoly?

-Enhances the Immune system of the body
-Providing lasting energy
-Help children focus and memorize
-Improve brain response
-Reduces constipation
-Improve your mood and hormones
-Make Kids understand better, be less sleepy, and be more diligent
-Strengthening Eye Health

And many more...

Suitable for the whole family! 

Safe for pregnant mum, breastfeeding mum, elderly and young kids!

The efficiency of Vifoly Juice depends on each individual. Some are as early as 3 days to 3 weeks.

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