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XS Perfect MochaLatte Drink

XS Perfect MochaLatte Drink

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XS Perfect Coffee comes in a set that can last you for up to 16 days! Instead of buying that 3in1 coffee or that expensive coffee which is unhealthy, why not get this perfect combo for your daily consumption instead?! 

- Helps to reduce body fat
- Aids in digestion / constipation
- Helps to detox the body
- Helps to increase the body's metabolism
- Helps to beautify skin
- Helps to control appetite for longer periods
- Helps to increase energy
- Helps to tighten Miss V
- Helps to firm breasts
- Helps to regularize period
- Helps to reduce hair-fall


- Kidney Beans
- Coffee Arabica
- Garcinia Cambogia
- Oat Fibres
- Green Coffee
- Manjakani
- Apple Fibres
- Latte Powder
- Paramecia

- Morning: Latte 》To burn fats, control appetite, and increase energy.
- Night: Mocha 》To burn fats, control appetite, increase energy, and most importantly, helps with digestion for those who have constipation problems.


- Morning: Latte 》To burn fats, control appetite, and increase energy.

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