About us

FivetyEight, formerly known as TriFiqD. It was founded in May 2016 by Sulastri Subari, a mother of 3 then who want to provide the convenience for other mother in getting products that will benefits them. It all started with Al-Kurma Juice. She believes that sharing good products is a form of caring for others too. What benefits us might benefits others too.

FivetyEight is slowly spreading from just supplement to a wider range of products what benefits the whole family. From top to toe, inside and out, we try to provide the best for all.

We are not just an online store that sells products, we care for you beyond that. Call us a friend or family, we:

  • Create opportunities within our brands for individuals to earn income
  • Provide informal administrative/back-end services for start-up/existing business.
  • Provide informal consultation, advice and design marketing tools for your business product/services